I Am the Future

These statements are some of the mindsets that we empower through our summer programs.

Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. This summer, the need has never been greater.

Children and their parents rely on the Y for safe spaces where kids can learn, grow, and thrive. In the summers before the pandemic, we delivered programming to more than 10,000 youth every day.

We need your help to return to full programming this summer.

Summer keys to success


This year’s summer programs are crucial as we battle the dual challenges of pandemic-related and summer learning loss. We need your support to help us provide key academic support programs for youth from low-income backgrounds.

Social Emotional Learning

Our summer programs equip young people with essential life skills that build resilience, self-confidence and strong relationships. We need your support to provide our most at-risk youth with opportunities to become engaged community members.


This year’s summer programs empower more youth to experience the many benefits of being outdoors. We need your support to ensure underserved youth have access to outdoor spaces that allow them to discover their place in the world.